Week 2 Overview

Chris Benz Lüderitz Speed Challenge

First race day

… has been achieved on Week 2 as the conditions have been moderate for Lüderitz.

We saw Antoine Albeau, the 22 times World Champion in Windsurfing and actual Record Holder in speed, joining the competitors with Mitch Wagstaff from South Africa and the German windsurfer Christian Benzing, one of the main sponsor.

It has allowed riders to tune their equipment and get back into the research of going fast with the combination of what the channel can provide the wind conditions, the technique and the equipment.

Interview with Heidi Ulrich

Heidi Ulrich from Switzerland has however improved her Personal Best with 37.21 kts and has showed improvements along her 1st participation in the Chris Benz Lüderitz Speed challenge 2015.

Yesterday’s wind forecast played around with the organisation of the event a bit, we decided to open but only managed to do a few runs before there was not enough wind, eventually closing the event for the day.

Last night’s ceremony gathered the riders to celebrate a few new record and personal bests:

Martin Hulinsky, the new National Record holder in Kitesurfing from Czech Republik has achieved 43.52 kts after have improved it 5 times. Sylvain Hoceini, French Kitesurfer, has improved his personal Best this year with 53.04 kts. Heidi Ulrich has established 3 times a new Personal Best, ending with 37.21 kts. Lucky draw winner Sylvian Hoceini, who left today, gets to go back home to France with a diamond.

We are sad to see some riders leaving: Remo Diethelm and Heidi Ulrich from Switzerland, the Czech riders Martin Toth and Martin Hulinsky, Alexander Goncharov from Ukraine and the 2 French Kitesurfers Sylvain Hoceini and Sébastien Salerno. But we are happy to welcome the French windsurfers Team Thierry Bielak, Yann, Coadic, Jim Cloarec, Christophe Richaud, Christian Maillet, Laurent Fesquet, Pierre Blasini and the British Champion Farrel O’Shea.

This World Record Attempt has still 4 weeks to go, what should allow riders to achieve more records and Personal Best in stronger wind. We are looking forward to get good winds on Wednesday and watch all the new riders that have arrived for week 3 of the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015.

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