Week 3 Overview

Chris Benz Lüderitz Speed Challenge

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Antoine Albeau (FRA) 49.94knts

Antoine Albeau

Patrik Diethelm

This week, new riders came from France and Great Britain to join the others already in Luderitz to attempt to break records. The speed channel has been opened twice for race days.

On October 21, wind fluctuated between 25 and 35 kts, and has provided riders opportunities to further improve their skills and techniques. The usual warm-up runs are necessary for the new riders to get used to the channel. But clouds provided gusty winds which are not ideal. Antoine Albeau (France) the 22 x World champion in Windsurfing achieved 49.94 kts at the beginning of the day in 25-30 kts of winds only with a bigger sail for light conditions: 6.4m, he was just over 2 knots off his own World Record of 52.05kts.

Most of Antoine’s runs achieved 49 kts (4x) and 48kts (3x); Patrik Diethelm, the Italian record Holder achieved 49.79 kts (Best speed for him today and achieved over 49 kts (3x) and 48 kts (3x) close to his record (51.18 kts). The battle for top speeds has been really tight between these two riders.

Patrik Diethelm

Many other riders have achieved solid performances in such light wind conditions (light for Luderitz!):

Yann Coadic (French windsurfer) who achieved 47.55 kts last year, almost beat his PB (Personal Best) with 47.44 kts.

Manfred Merle (Germany) has been very close to his German National Record of 2013 with 47.3 kts (2013: 47.86 kts) and is definitely targeting the actual Record: 48.82 kts – achieved at the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2014 event by Christian Bornemann.

The 3x World Record Holder (1991-1993), Thierry Bielak from France, a specialist in much stronger conditions, has achieved 46.84 kts with an amazing 50.87 kts top max speed in moderate winds.

Christophe Richaud

3 Personal Bests (PB’s) have also been achieved this week:

Christophe Richaud (France) – this is his third event participation and he achieved 46.66 kts (was 46.55 kts)

Laurent Fesquet (France) – he hasn’t stopped improving – he started with 39 kts and ended the day with an incredible 45.11 kts.

Christian Maillet (France) – this is his first participation at the event, was targeting 40 kts and achieved 41.16 kts

Today (Sunday 25.10.15), weather forecasts have revealed record conditions for next week: coming between Thursday and next Sunday. The tension is there. Riders are focusing from now on, on their personal objectives. Each has a dream. They have all raced and practiced in moderate winds to be ready for THE day.

Let’s see how the forecast evolves – we are of course at the mercy of Mother Nature! We thank all of you for your continued support!

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