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Partners & Sponsors

Partners & Sponsors

The Lüderitz Speed Challenge has been able to grow year over year thanks to the help of our sponsors and partners. View the sponsors...
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Zara Davis World Record 46.49knots

Zara Davis (born 13 July 1966 in Bristol, England) is an English windsurfer. She holds the outright World Women’s Nautical Mile speed record for...
History 2017

2017 Overview

Rebuild of the Channel 2015 was the last time the event was going on and within the last 2 years the channel almost dissolved....
History 2017

Why are they so fast

Why are they so fast??? A little overview of some fast Slalom Riders – Antoine Albeau, Björn Dunkerbeck…...
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2014 Closing Ceremony

We are very happy to celebrate the great performances the 2014 riders have reached in WEEK 3 despite difficult sailing conditions; with 1 week...