2017 Overview

Rebuild of the Channel

2015 was the last time the event was going on and within the last 2 years the channel almost dissolved. So we had to rebuild from almost scratch (see pics below). We started in August with the rebuild but had to overcome a lot of difficulties, where nature and equipment was challenging us. Finally we where then able to start the competition in October. I have to say a big thank you to all the helpers/workers which made this difficult task work out well.

Channel in August
No Walls No Water

Channel layout 2017

Increased length of start and finish by 100m

All the effort payed of with several National Records, Personal Bests and a WORLD RECORD FOR WOMEN – where Zara Davis proved her talent and scills in Speed Windsurfing and achieved an astonishing 46.49knots on 500m!!!

Twan Verseput with 50.05knots and Rob Hoffmann with 50.01knots achieved a sensational result and are know in the 50knots club!!! This with only 35-40knots of Wind. This proved that the channel was faster then in the past, as the water was flatter and the new angle showed better performances in lighter winds.

Speed ranking LSC 2017
Men Windsurf knots WR/NR/PB Sail Board
Twan Verseput NED-127 50.05 PB/Event Winner Severne Starboard
Robert Hofmann GER-11 50.01 PB Loftsails Starboard
Gunnar Asmussen GER-2 49.55 PB Severne Starboard
Mikkel Asmussen D-3 49.40 NR Simmer Style Simmer Style
Andy Laufer GER-93 49.22 PB North Sails Fanatic
Farrel O’Shea K-81 49.19 Loftsails
Magnus Bengtsson SWE-17 48.85 PB Neil Pryde Mistral
Petter Malmkvist SWE-7 48.44 PB Neil Pryde Mistral
Björn Dunkerbeck E-11 48.34 Severne Starboard
Jim Crossley K-33 48.08 PB Loftsails Mou
Alexandr Goncharov UKR-873 47.47 NR Loftsails Mistral
Mark Grinnell SA-321 47.12 Severne Mistral
Ben Proffitt K-800 47.94 PB Simmer Style Simmer Style
Alberto Possati I-107 45.17 Severne Starboard
Christian Benzing GER-77 43.34 Severne Patrik
Norio Asano JPN-25 43.95 NR S2 Maui Patrik
Raffaello Gardelli SWE-580 43.35 Severne Patrik
Mitch Wagstaff SA-1111 39.97 Simmer Style Simmer Style
Women Windsurf
Zara Davis K-47 46.49 WR Simmer Style Simmer Style
Miriam Rasmussen NOR-17 42.93 NR Loftsails Patrik
Heidi Ulrich SUI-204 40.04 PB Neil Pryde Patrik
Mio Anayama JPN-311 39.06 NR Maui Sails Patrik
Karo van Tonder SA-89 38.96 NR Severne Patrik
Men Kitesurfing
Sylvain Hoceini F-53 54.54 PB
Sebastien Cattelan F-69 53.98
Taro Niehaus SA-1 50.83
Roger Örnvang SWE-50 44.16 NR Kite
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