Final Overview 2014

This year, we limited the number of competitors to facilitate the performances of each rider, in total – 34 riders (Windsurfers & Kite Surfers) representing 17 different nationalities.


No less than 38 times, new RECORDS were set and then re-broken, ending the event with; 11 x New National Records and 1 x World Record!


Andrew Redfern (Fiji) with 40.87 kts (75.5 kph average speed over 500m)

Denis Vladimirov (Russia) with 47.67 kts (88 kph)

Roger Ornvang (Sweden) improved his national record – Kite Surfing – with 43.19 kts (80kph)

Remo Diethelm (Switzerland) with 48.31 kts (90 kph)

Franz Grabner (Austria) smashed the National record with 47.88 kts (88.5 kph)

Martin Tóth (Czech Republic) broke his country’s record often and finally ending with 46.73 kts (86.5 kph)

Mark Grinnell (South Africa) set a new South Africa and all Africa record in Windsurfing with a truly impressive 49.92 kts (92.5 kph) – just short of the magical 50 knots

Alain de Gendt (Belgium) – new Production Board Record of 46.66 kts

Christian Bornemann (Germany) – new record in Windsurfing of 48.82 kts (90.4 kph)

Zoran Jovanovic (Serbia) – new national record (Kitesurfing) of 40.31kts (74.5 kph)

Patrik Diethelm (Italy) achieved the TOP windsurfing performance at the 2014 event by improving the Italian National Record with a very impressive 51.18 kts (94.7 kph) just 0.8 knots of the World Windsurfing Record!

Christophe Ballois (France) set a brand new Disabled World Record (Kitesurf) with a superb and inspiring performance of 42.94 kts (80 kph)

Leaders of the 2014 Event each received a fabulous « CHRIS BENZ Chrono 300m » watch;

Patrik Diethelm (Italy) – set a new Italian Windsurfing Record (51.18 kts)

Sébastien Cattelan (France), twice Kite Surf World Record Holder achieved 53.90 kts (99.8 kph)

A total of four sparkling Namibian Diamonds have been won via a weekly lucky prize draw:

The Danish Record Holder Ole Kjaer, Mister first to 40knots Erik Beale, Belgian Alain de Gendt and the Russian Record Holder Denis Vladimirov

No less than thirteen (13) competitors exceeded their PBs during the 2014 event by pushing their top speeds to within reach of their country’s national records;

Alain Montauzou (France) with 45.51 kts (was 44.69 kts)

Christophe Richaud (France) with 46.55 kts (was 46.29 kts)

Alain de Gendt (Belgium) with 47.41 kts (was 45.92 kts)

Pierre Blasini (Corsica), the French Island, with 45.28 kts (began the event with 38.09 kts)

Jim Cloarec (France) with 48.33 kts (was 40.10 kts)

Hans Kreisel (Netherlands) with 49.66 kts (was 49.56 kts)

Jacques van der Hout (Netherlands) with 49.06 kts

Chris Bertish, South African Champion in surfing, achieved 42.73 kts on his first participation at a speed sailing event

Andrea Baldini (Italy) with 45.28 kts (was 41.94 kts)

Raffaello Gardelli (Sweden) with 46.78 kts (was 44.92 kts)

Erik Beale (from Maui & first to 40 kts in the 80s) sailed under the British flag with 46.29 kts

Hennie Bredenkamp (South Africa) with 48.77 kts (was 42.99 kts)

French Legend Thierry Bielak (first to 45 kts in 1993) with 48.02 kts

Yann Coadic (France) began with 44.01 kts & ended with 47.55 kts

This year’s event has been truly historical – we have been honoured to witness legends of the sport sailing together:

Sebastien Cattelan (France) 1st to 50 and 55 kts (2008) (Kite Surf)

Anders Bringdal (Sweden) 1st to 50 kts in (2012) (Windsurf)

Erik Beale (British) 1st to 40 kts (1988) (Windsurf)

Thierry Bielak (France) 1st to 45 kts (1993) (Windsurf)

The 2014 Chris Benz Lüderitz World Record Chase Event had 9 days of racing with a variety of conditions and suitable for different levels. Riders have experienced much more and quickly identified what equipment to change to go faster in less wind – A threshold has now been crossed; The channel has never been this efficient, being improved before and during the event, for riders to attain personal performances never before or elsewhere reached!

Next year, with the recent experience gained by all the riders, will without a doubt, take top speeds to a new level! Roll on 2015…


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