Interview with Patrik Diethelm

Chris Benz Lüderitz Speed Challenge

One to One: The talk

Italy for Speed

Craft (wind/kite):

Where do you live?
House in Australia but travelling 80%

Your Home spot:
Margaret River Australia, Lake Garda Italy

PATRIK-Boards, Eurogold LTD, Netsurfingsport

Your equipment:
PATRIK Boards, Sailloft, Gasoil

Do you use new gear? Any innovation?
New hollow speed board 230×40.5cm 3.0kg. New specialized custom sails from sailloft.

Performances reached (please specify if it’s over 500m or top speed): 51.18knots, 2015 52.33knots

Other notable achievements:

  • Prod. Speed WR Holder 2006-2012
  • 3x Production Speed Worldchampion
  • 2006/07 Vize Worldchampion Speed
  • 2006-2015 Italian Speed Record Holder

How long for and the last time you have sailed in speed?
Last year at the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2014

Your favourite spot for Speed Sailing? Why?:
Luderitz Speed Challenge as we go fast here!!

Your biggest objective for 2015?
Win the 2016 Speed Challenge and hopefully with a new world record.

In your opinion, what speed can be achieved in windsurfing this year considering the best conditions and the 2015 riders list?
*male (currently 52.05 kts) = 52.5 kts
*female (currently 45.83 kts) = 46.5 kts

In kitesurfing?
*male (currently 56.62 kts) = 57 kts

In your opinion, what are the most important criteria to achieve top performances?

Score: 1-5:
1 = very important & 5 = less important

  • Training: 2
  • Equipment: 1
  • Sailor: 1
  • Wind conditions: 1
  • Type of water / stretch of water: 1

If you have sailed the Lüderitz channel before, in only 3 words, express your feelings when you sail it?
F’ing fast!!!!

Patrik Diethelm
  • History 2015
    Day 1

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