Day 3

Chris Benz Lüderitz Speed Challenge

Globe competing

Today, for the first time at the 2015 event, World champion (22x) Antoine Albeau (France), Chris Benzing from Germany (also one of the main sponsors) and Mitch Wagstaff from South Africa were all competing.

The wind forecast has been a bit lighter than predicted a few days ago. Nonetheless, it has still been a very good day to push the skills set of every rider. Winds still need to be more powerful than we have experienced so far for all present to challenge their national records. Luderitz has always showed its treasure for speed sailors. Training to get additional *on the channel* experience are key to beating records here. The channel is challenging and not for the weak of mind, body or sprit! Hence why only the very best speed sailors try to tame the channel. Every rider has to understand, analyse and use every bit of their experience and skills set with 100% conviction.

Skippers Meeting

Starting with just 20 kts average wind speed at 1pm, the wind then reached 35 kts average which allowed, during the day, some riders to get the right feeling for their gear, for example;

Antoine Albeau

Antoine Albeau, who knows that he needs to spare his energy and avoiding taking unnecessary risks on his very 1st day, has provided the best speed of the day in windsurfing, with a nice 46.82 kts and this performance, in relatively lowish winds – for Luderitz at least!

Manfred Merle who is here to recover his German National Record is getting close, and achieved 45.59 kts.

Sylvain Hoceini from France who has trained the last 10 days and is feeling *at one* with his equipment, used a 8m2, which is not a kite for record breaking conditions (wind was not strong enough), has reached the best speed in Kitesurfing today with an impressive 51.61kts, still 2 kts off his best from last week!

Heidi Ulrich the Swiss windsurfer who is participating for the 1st time at the Luderitz Speed Challenge, has showed how she could improve her technique by twice beating her PB (Personal Best) with 37.21 kts.

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