Interview with Christian Bornemann

Chris Benz Lüderitz Speed Challenge

One to One: The talk


Craft (wind/kite):

Where do you live?
Dortmund, Germany

Patrik, Loft Sails, Design Lessacher

Your equipment:
Patrik Speed , Loft Sails Speedblade, Lessacher B & F asymetrisch

Performances reached (please specify if it’s over 500m or top speed):
48,82 kts./500 m; 51,01 kts. Topspeed

Other notable achievements:
German Record 500 m 50,20 kts and GPS German Record 10 sec.

How long for and the last time you have sailed in speed?
Started in 1995 with Speed; last event on Fuerteventura in June

Your favourite spot for Speed Sailing? Why?:
Lüderitz/Namibia, simply the fastest spot on earth

Your biggest objective for 2015?
Keep the German Speed Record, 50,20 kts./500 m

In your opinion, what speed can be achieved in windsurfing this year considering the best conditions and  the 2015 riders list?
*male (currently 52.05 kts) = 52,8
*female (currently 45.83 kts) = 47,0

In kitesurfing?
*male (currently 56.62 kts) = 56,8

In your opinion, what are the most important criteria to achieve top performances?

Score 1-5:
1 = very important and 5 = less important

  • Training 1
  • Equipment 1
  • Sailor 1
  • Wind conditions 1
  • Type of water / stretch of water 1

If you have sailed the Lüderitz channel before, in only 3 words, express your feelings when you sail it?
The ultimate “kick”

Christian Bornemann
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    Day 1
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    Day 3

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