Roger Örnvang

Roger Örnvang

Speed in knots
March 1, 1967
2018, 2021, 2022, 2023
swe Sweden

I started windsurf in 1980 and this continued for 25 years with incredible many trips around the world and found absolutely amazing plasses to sail and a lot of friends that I still have contact with.

I was always very thankful what Windsurfing brought to me in life. 13 years old I started Surfing and it has always been my great passion, that made me the person who I am today.

In 1999, I bought my first kite surfing equipment which became my next big passion in life.

It was quite crazy but exciting at the same time because the equipment was more or less dangerous and the safety was nonexistent.

If you compare it with today’s equipment, that is amazing in its design, both in terms of kite and safety systems.

For a few years now I’ve missed the windsurfing very much and in 2016 I started combining both Windsurfing and Kitesurfing benefits. Soo happy !!

Many of my old Surf friends have also started Windsurfing again and now we are back where we started in the 80’s.

The only thing that separates us now is that we have become a bit more gray-haired and bold, but with the same incredible fellowship and as much joy at sea as before.

I really love my friends, the sport and what a great pleasure it is to share the feeling with like-minded.

Soo much fun and the story continue !!!