Pierre Pilon

Pierre Pilon

Speed in knots
January 15, 2018
can Canada

I sail during Summer time in Maui. I’ve been doing it for some 25 years. Bump and jump mostly. I met Erik Beale a long time ago through his girlfriend at the time. We talked windsurfing. 

A few years ago, I ask him about a potential speed clinic at the beach. For some reasons, it did not happen but Erik saw my interest for speed. One day I borrowed an arm GPS. I could peek at 32 knots in choppy water. It was just fun.

Last year, Erik organized the La Palme speed challenge in southern France. He called me and said that the Canadian record was within my grasp… being so low. He added to simply come with my wetsuit and he would take care of me: sails, boards, know how, coaching, etc. How could I pass such an offer from a world record breaker ? So I went and met great guys (see Facebook Capture on Alberto’s page). I can say it has been a highlight of my adult life. Everything was new for me. A great experience.

And, Erik, once again, offered to provide assistance, but this time for Luderitz.

And, lucky me, in La Palme I broke the Canadian Record. Conditions were not great but I was happy. I thought I could do better and now I want to try it on the speediest water on the planet. Going faster than 31,52 knots should be easy. Hoping for 40 knots… and we’ll see.