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Chris Benz – Worldrecord Chase

Chris Benz Lüderitz Speed Challenge

Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2012

History 2012

LSC 2012 – Prelude

The World Record Attempt in Speed Sailing “Namibia”, “Record” and “Kitesurf”are synonyms with the “Luderitz Speed Challenge” … But this major kitesurfing event is...
History 2012

Day 11 – 42 Times World Champ Dunkerbeck

The wind was stronger than yesterday but even if it wasn’t the strongest day we had since the beginning of this World Record Attempt,...
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Speed World Records 2012

The first ever Outright Windsurfing World Record was set by Pascal Maka, who clocked 38.86 knots in 1986 (1st Windsurfing Record was in 1983:...
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Day 9 – 52knots in Windsurfing

New World Record in Windsurfing with 52.05 knots beaten by Antoine Albeau, 20 times World Champion in Windsurfing....
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Day 6 – New World Record for Antoine Albeau

EVEN MORE RECORDS TODAY! 5 WINDSURFERS OVER 50 KNOTS! Today Antoine Albeau, after having smashed the 50 knots barrier several times reached 51 knots...
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Day 5

Mark Grinnell – Jurjen van der Noord – Martin van Meurs Conditions were looking good today from the beginning but the wind was dropping...
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Day 4 – Windsurfing World Record Attempt

Anders Bringdal ended up with 51.45 knots; a new Swedish Record! After the promising previous days, everyone felt that the 50 knots barrier break...
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LSC 2012 – what to expect

During the 2012 Lüderitz Speed Challenge 16 different nationalities will come together over 6 weeks. This week France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Turkey and...