Day 9 – 52knots in Windsurfing

New World Record in Windsurfing with 52.05 knots beaten by Antoine Albeau, 20 times World Champion in Windsurfing.

The day began with wind and clouds….

In 40-45 knots of wind, more records were broken and a new Windsurfing World Record set by Antoine Albeau with 52.05 knots. He became the first and only windsurfer to reach 52 knots : He had 5 runs over 51 knots!

Antoine Albeau & Anders Bringdal

Anders Bringdal followed with a new Swedish Record which is also Production board World Record : 51.45 knots !

Jurjen Van Der Noord the Dutch Record Holder went over 51 knots today, joining Anders Bringdal and Cédric Bordes, with 51.26 knots!

Alexandr Goncharov

Alexander Goncharov broke the Ukrainian Record twice ending with 40.94 knots, this was achieved in moderate wind.

Boris Vujasinovic

Boris Vujasinovic also is now the Holder of the Croatian Record with 42.27 knots.

Nick Vardalachos

Nick Vardalachos smoked his own Greek Record being the 6th windsurfer over 50 knots with 50.56 knots.

Mark Grinnell reached 49 knots which was his goal, with 49.66 knots, and further improved the South African Record in Windsurfing and is on the road to the 50 !

Patrick Diethelm from Switzerland did the same speed as the record he set on 17 November : 50.49 knots.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck the famous 41 times world title holder just joined the event today in the afternoon reaching 49.53 knots, he did this after only a couple of runs !

Well done to Martyn Ogier from UK who recorded a speed of 48.21 knots (current British Record held by Farrell O Shea with 48.82 knots) and to Martin Van Meurs from Netherlands: 47.95 knots who improved their best speeds.

Nick Vardalachos

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