Day 11 – 42 Times World Champ Dunkerbeck

The wind was stronger than yesterday but even if it wasn’t the strongest day we had since the beginning of this World Record Attempt, we still celebrate some records!

In 35 knots of wind, Antoine reached his old record today: 51.69 knots, followed by Bjorn Dunkerbeck, the new Swiss Record Holder who managed to go over the 51 knots as well, achieving a 51.09 knots speed, joining the event only in the middle of the week.

Christian Bornemann who held the German Windsurfing record previously, beat the current Kitesurfing German Record and now holds his National Record with: 46.75 knots.
Boris Vujasinovic broke his Croatian Record 3 times today ending with: 44.47knots.

Alexander Goncharov improved his Ukrainian Record also with 40.95 knots.

So far, the forecast and the new channel gave us the opportunity to announce records every day we have raced!
Riders realize that they can go faster in less wind getting used to that channel and we know that the current records can be improved.

Let’s wait and see for the next and last week of this amazing Windsurfing World Record Attempt.

Stay tuned…