DAY 2 – 8 Records Fallen

This morning, the wind picked up slowly but surely from 11am, starting with an average of 20 knots. It increased the whole day reaching 30-35 knots average with some stronger gusts.

This, the first real day of racing has provided additional skills and confidence to the riders who had their first ever experience of the Lüderitz channel!

Australian Windsurfer Tony Wynhoven, opened the gateway of records today with 43.93kts, but which was then taken by Andrew Daff with 44.29kts and Jacques Kint following close on his heels with 44.09 kts.

The 2 Belgian Windsurfers Ben Vanderick (40.94 knots) and Alain de Gendt (42.14kts) fought hard today and both have broken the national Belgian record.

The Ukrainian Record Holder Alexander Goncharov (in Windsurfing) achieved 40.95 kts last year, displayed his unstoppable motivation the whole day and improved his Record 5 times! Ending up with 44.11 kts.

The Kitesurfer Ole Kjaer who has broken the National Record on Monday the first day of the event, in only 20 knots of wind with 39.67 kts, has also smashed it with 46,26 kts and the Swedish Roger Örnvang who broke the record in Kitesurfing on Monday with 36.92 kts has increased his performance to 37.63kts.

Remo Diethelm the best Windsurfer of the day has broken the Swiss Record (in Windsurfing) many times, ending with 45.72 kts, with continuous improvement.

Then the organizer of the event, Sébastien Cattelan, French Record Holder, double World Record Holder lead the day with 10 runs over 52 knots ending with 52.87 kts.

Tomorrow (13.10.13), the conditions look good to produce even better performances!

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