Day 13 – tight competition

Today and for the happiness of all, the wind increased with an average of 25 knots gusting to 30 knots.

The riders enjoyed this great days wind and kept a good rythm and taking turns. All competitors were motivated and their speed scores were very close. Indeed, the windsurfers such as Anders Bringdal, Patrick Diethelm, Antoine Albeau, Nick Vardalaxos, David Garrel, Jurjen Van Der Noord and Mark Grinnell all achieved over 45 knots. These were excellent performances considering the slightly lighter wind condition.

Patrik Diethelm - Mark Grinnell - Hans Kreisel

Out of the windsurfers, Antoine Albeau finished off the day on top with 47.21 knots.

Antoine Albeau

Chris Benzing felt very comfortable in the channel for his first time this year.

Christian Benzing - Anders Björkvist

Then, we had the pleasure of hosting South African Paul Railton of the TV channel “Supersport” and the French journalists of the channel “TV5”, covering the days events.