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Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2017

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Björn Dunkerbeck

Björn Dunkerbeck High Speed Windsurfing in Lüderitz Namibia published by Red Bull....
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Karo on Top Billings SABC

When chef Karo Van Tonder steps out of the kitchen it’s into the record books as the fastest Female windsurfer in Africa!...
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Zara Davis World Record 46.49knots

Zara Davis (born 13 July 1966 in Bristol, England) is an English windsurfer. She holds the outright World Women’s Nautical Mile speed record for...
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2017 Overview

Rebuild of the Channel 2015 was the last time the event was going on and within the last 2 years the channel almost dissolved....
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Why are they so fast

Why are they so fast??? A little overview of some fast Slalom Riders – Antoine Albeau, Björn Dunkerbeck…...