LSC 2018


22nd October – 25th November 2018

The Lüderitz Speed Challenge is now the PREMIER speed sailing event in the world for Windsurfers and Kitesurfers!

Flying (18th August) end of week to Lüderitz and start to prepare the channel!!! Excited!!!

Started to prepare the channel and set up the poles at the right coordinates!!! The channel will be longer at the starting and at the finish. Especially for windsurfers which need much more time to get to speed before the starting camera. As higher the speed at the entry the better average speed on 500m is achieved. So hopefully with the new channel the windsurfers will kick off at the starting camera with about 2knots more entry speed.

The channel has also a little change in the angle to the wind (of about 3-4 degrees). This will increase the optimal wind-angle-time on the water.

The wall, which is protecting the channel will be moved far from the channel, so there will be no wind turbulences in the channel and also less chop.

So let’s continue!!!!

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