Lüderitz Speed Challenge 4 November 2011 Update

The LUDERITZ SPEED CHALLENGE 2011 is the beginning of a great future for the windsurfing community.

Sébastien Cattelan and Sophie Routaboul planned to build a new playground for windsurfers since last year; and the new canal is proving to be the answer in this regard.

The “ Lüderitz Speed Challenge ” changed kite speed forever in 2007 by raising the bar to new heights, now it’s time for windsurfers.

We’d like nothing better than for 3 craft, namely kitesurfers, windsurfers and hydrofoil boats (which have battled for years), to compete on the same course with the right conditions for a close contest.

Competing in a void devalues the achievement, so the challenge aims to create the perfect course for multiple disciplines thereby making it a hotly contested affair.
Sébastien knows that he can reach 60 knots in kitesurfing, it’s the next aim, but for him windsurfing still needs to express itself. He wants to create the right conditions for them to push the limits before reaching his own goal.

Positive energy is needed to manage this adventure, and an interesting challenge lies ahead for us to discover how best to achieve this. We need to share ideas and opinions with people who have different experience with the sea so we can collaboratively create the ideal run.

No place in the World has been witness to performances such as these seen in Luderitz. Sébastien and Sophie have worked for 4 years to make 55 knots possible. This work now needs to be leveraged to the benefit of the windsurfers, but their experience and contributions are needed to make this possible.

The new canal has proved to be more beneficial for windsurfers than for kitesurfers thus far, but some options still remain to improve this for both disciplines and the strong wind is still on the way

Despite the organisers treating this year as a test for the new canal (which was dug just before the start), the results look very promising thus far and windsurfing legend, Anders Bringdal, managed to reach truly impressive speeds on his first day. He had a 50.72 Vmax, which is a first in windsurfing history. He took the opportunity and joined the test at the last minute as the windsurfing consultant. People from all over the World are now watching.

Further improvements will be made based on the analysis from the training sessions, drawing ever close to record speed.

Kite surfing records and performances will follow, step by step the dream of this Team has been realised over the past 5 years, and the much improved run in the ideal location will usher in a new era in speed sailing and become the perfect platform for international and outright records.

Sponsors who choose to be part of this will play a pivotal role in shaping sailing history.

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