Today, we have welcomed at the channel, about 250 local children aged from 5 to 15 years-old to the Kids Fun Day sponsored by DHL, to watch the world’s top windsurfers:
from Lüderitz Secondary School, Lüderitz Christian School, Diaz Primary School, Helena Van Rhijn Primary School, Nautilus Primary School, Montessori Brightstart Junior Secondary and Angra Pequena Senior Secondary.


After joining the “spot” by bus, Kids all attended the explanation of the Time Keeper Fabrice David on the technical equipment used to calculate those world performances, and then the demonstration of the best sailors coming from far countries to enjoy and make a use of the amazing windy conditions of their Town and Country. All children were captivated and couldn’t keep their eyes away.


All riders have shared the day and their passion with them, spending time to build a link between this future generation and those water sports which keep the attention especially of Namibians since this is the place to be the fastest.


After walking along the canal and have watched the riders in action, children were then directed to the finish where competitions were running for them ( sack race…) with prizes to win (BSI steel caps, beach toys, flip flops…)



It was a great day for everyone!

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