Good speeds in less wind and more water

The wind blew up to 35 knots today which is less than what was expected, and the high tide was just after 4pm which meant riders had to contend with more chop than normal to make use of the best wind. Riders took a break during the high tide and returned later once water had receded, but the wind was on the decline by then.

Algerian record improved twice in the same day by Afrit Foued (No. 2), firstly at 14:40 with a speed of 39.78 knots (24.48 secs over 500m), then again at 18:10 with a speed of 39.81 knots (24.46 secs over 500m).

Stefan Metzger

Stefan Metzger

Hungarian record beaten twice by Zsolt Lenkei (No. 6), firstly at 14:59 with a speed of 39.75 knots (run took 24.50 secs), then again at 18:04 with a speed of 42.16 knots (run took 23.10 secs).

Namibian record beat again by Stefan Metzger (No. 19) at 13:35 with a speed of 46.60 knots (run took 20.90 secs).

These speeds still need to be verified by the WSSRC.

The forecast looks really promising for this Thursday, the 28th of October !!!

The wind starts again tomorrow, so the course will be opened. We hope for big wind and many new records.

Sophie Routaboul came close to female world record today with a 44.92, and this despite breaking her hand only a week ago!

3 people managed to clock over 50 knots today in less wind, so the canal is definitely working. Seb topped the list with a blistering 52.81 knots.

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