Day 7: Rough Conditions

Today, 24 October 2014, the wind was as strong as expected but the conditions have been difficult to control. The training of yesterday (23.10.14) paid off for the newly arrived riders tackling the channel for the very first time!

Jacques van der Hout (Holland) opened the day with a solid performance of 45.13 kts but we have also seen the new arrivals from France adapting fast and embracing the rough conditions! Congratulations to Christophe Richaud (France) who lead the day and absolutely destroyed his personal best with 46.55 kts as well as Jim Cloarec (France), a new speed sailor, who reached an impressive 46.20kts!

French Legend Thierry Bielak who held the ultimate World Record in the 90’s, pushed hard today, and getting very close to the 45 kts mark and recording a credible 44.98 kts.

LSC Week 3 Day6 FBa-6

Other riders were getting very close to their PBs;

Andrea Baldini (Italy) who reached 45 kts previously, recorded a positive 44.17 kts today

Denis Vladimirov (Russian Champion & Record Holder) has been inspired since his arrival almost beating his record with 43.38 kts (Best: 44.61 kts)

LSC Week 3 Day6 FBa-4

Yann Coadic (France) achieved an impressive 44.01 kts

Raffaello Gardelli (Sweden) achieved 44.73 kts today and is very close to beating the 44.92 kts he has already achieved!

Tomorrow (25.10.14) the wind is predicted to be good enough to further improve speeds for the last day of Week 3.

Onwards & Upwards!


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