Day 6: New World Record


LSC Week 3 Day5-3


On this 23 October 2014, in Lüderitz, Namibia, will go down in the history books as Kite surfer Chris Ballois (France) has set a new World Record for disabled riders, ratified by the WSSRC and ISAF-IFDS.

LSC Week 3 Day5-4
In only 25 knot average winds and after reaching 39.14 knots on his very first run down the multiple-record breaking channel,  Chris on his second run then took his brand new world record to yet another level with 42.94 knots (80 kph!) (average speed) over the official 500metres.
His passion for the sport has motivated him to gain the skills, strength, physical and mental conditioning to achieve speeds that many non-disabled kite surfers only dream of.
Good winds are forecast for the next few days and if Chris continues with his existing performances, he could very well be the fastest performer yet.

Several new windsurfers who have just arrived have also attempted the channel for the first time today to get ready for stronger wind conditions.
French, Italian, Swedish, Russian and British riders have arranged their gear and adjusted their equipment in anticipation of stronger forecasted winds for tomorrow (24.10.14)

LSC Week 3 Day5-6

We have witnessed experienced guys like Jacques van der Hout (Holland) achieving 43.57 knots, Alain de Gendt (Belgium) 41.44 knots and Erik Beale (British) 41.87 knots, and great to see these  highly experienced windsurfers sharing their knowledge with the new arrivals. Clearly with many records falling this year, the well prepared channel has once again delivered excellent speeds in lighter-wind conditions. The Russian windsurfer attained 39.40 knots on his first run and Alain Moutauzou (France) 40.61 kts, Jim Cloarec (France) 40.58 kts and Christophe Richaud (France) 40.29 kts.

LSC Week 3 Day5-5
Tomorrow, it will be very interesting to see, in stronger wind conditions, what speeds Erik Beale Mr. Number 1. to 40 knots and Thierry Bielak (France), both 90’s Ultimate World Record holders will achieve.

Onwards and upwards!

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