chris benz luderitz world record chase

1 NATIONAL RECORD and 2 Personal Best records achieved.


With 100 runs registered today, better channel conditions along with a good wind has made it possible for riders to get the best results of the event so far.
The 25-35kts of wind has also allowed riders who have returned to get used to the channel, in preparation for bigger winds.

The day started with a battle between Namibian rider, Matthias Rottcher and the German rider, Manfred Merle, later joined by the Swiss rider, Remo Diethelm completeing his last runs almost in the dark.

During the afternoon we had 35 kts average wind, with stronger gusts.

We saw 2 Personal Bests improved and 1 National Record:

Congratulations to Martin Hulinsky who has increased his Czech record in Kitesurfing, was 40.83 kts, was improved to 43.13 kts and is now 43.52 kts.

Heidi Ulrich, Swiss Female windsurfer who is participating in her 1st Speed Challenge, didn’t stop improving today and is getting close to the current Swiss record of 41.25 kts (Karin Jaggi) with 36.47 kts.

French Kitesurfer Sylvain Hoceini has successively reached 50 kts four times today and broke through the 51kts barrier three times. He is leading the race with an impressive 53.04 kts. His persistence and training since Monday has paid off and his personal best from Lüderitz 2010 (52.90 kts) has been improved.

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