Kids Day-34

Today was our annual community KIDS DAY whereby we organized entertainment for the local Kids with the assistance of local industry (SEAFLOWER), the town council, local volunteers and speed challenge competitors. The activities were all based around water sports.

The kids took the opportunity to discover the new water sport which is gaining popularity around the world: Stand Up Paddling. The channel provides for the perfect location to learn to SUP as it is safe, shallow enough with warmer water than in the ocean.

Kids Day-8

Originating from Hawaii, the equipment has been further developed to suit everybody from young to old. How does it work? Stand up on a board shaped like a surf board, paddle to get enough speed to then glide over the water. The children did very well at tackling this water activity under the most perfect of conditions: calm and sunny!

Racing competitions were also organized with lots of prizes to win. Various age groups were sharing the day together with diverse activities to stimulate a variety of skills.

Kids Day-17

After enjoying ice cream, sweeties, biscuits and drinks, they then watched riders set up their equipment to get an idea what the Chris Benz Lüderitz World Record Chase is all about and to also realize how the event is promoting Lüderitz and Namibia to the world.

Today was a FUN day before the serious competition starts again very soon and tomorrow’s conditions are looking good.

Skipper meeting is at 11


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