chris benz luderitz world record chaseANDREW REDFERN LUDERITZ SPEED CHALLENGE


Andrew Redfern

Nation: Fiji

Craft (wind / kite): Windsurfer

Where do you live? Nadi, Fiji

Your Home spot: Natadola Beach, Fiji

Sponsors: Handy Finance Fiji, Swindale Associates Ltd, The Rhum-Ba, Williams & Gosling Ltd Fiji, Viti Water Sports, Jacks of Fiji, Ruthless, Beqa Adv enture Divers, Tropicx Design Studio, Cardos Steak House, McDonalds, South Pacific Electronics, Architects Asia Pacific Inc, Spa Denarau, Yacht Help Fiji, Vomo Island Resort

Your equipment: Mistral Speed 73, Challenger Sails

Do you use new gear? Any innovation? New for me but not for the world at large

Performances reached (please specify if it’s over 500m or top speed): Top Speed 43.34 knots. Top Speed 500m 40.87 knots

Other notable achievements: Fiji National Record Holder (500m)

How long for and the last time you have sailed in speed? Luderitz 2014 was my first attempt at speed sailing. Luderitz 2015 will be my second.

Your favourite spot for Speed Sailing? Why?: Luderitz. It’s the fastest place in the world!

Your biggest objective for 2015? Break the Fiji Record, encourage the kids of Fiji to sail and produce future champions for the country

In your opinion, what speed can be achieved in windsurfing this year considering the best conditions and the 2015 riders list?

*male (currently 52.05 kts) = 53

*female (currently 45.83 kts) = 47

In kitesurfing?

*male (currently 56.62 kts) = 60

In your opinion, what are the most important criteria to achieve top performances?

Score: 1 – 5 / 1 = very important & 5 = less important

  • Training 1
  • Equipment 1
  • Sailor 1
  • Wind conditions 1
  • Type of water / stretch of water 1

If you have sailed the Lüderitz channel before, in only 3 words, express your feelings when you sail it? On the edge!


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