Luderitz-Speed Challenge


 chris benz luderitz world record chase

The recent storm of 2 weeks ago which almost destroyed the channel, provided a huge challenge for event founder and organiser, Sebastien Cattelan, to get the channel ready for when the strong winds are due to start. Due to his enormous experience at building this artificial 1 kilometre long canal – against the wild desert elements – he has once again succeeded where many others would have failed or simply given up.
Due to his huge personal efforts and with all available local machinery, moderate winds have allowed Seb and Sophie to open the channel for training on Wednesday the 7th.

Those windsurfers who decided to start yesterday to get used to the main part of the kilometre long channel enjoyed a straighter, longer and deeper channel with a chop killer, which should help riders of all levels to go faster. The water level is improving every day and the lowish 25-30 kts of average wind (with stronger gusts) has allowed some riders to do training runs and to tune their equipment for stronger coming winds and better conditions:


Sylvain Hoceini (France): Achieved 48.94kts using a 8m2. He was under powered but wanted to be prepared with this kite especially suitable for much stronger winds. Sébastien Salerno (France): Achieved 50.07kts using his 9m2 for moderate wind. Martin Hulinsky (Czech Republic), set a new performance with 36.64 kts. This is Martin’s first participation and attempt at speed sailing which has given him the opportunity to discover his skills in this discipline.

Onwards and upwards!

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