2011 Speed Challenge looking good

Luderitz Speed Challenge 2011A lot was learnt from the trials this year, and these lessons will be put to good use for the 2012 event. Canal refinements helped improve the starting speeds, reduce the chop and improve the safety.

5 National records were set following these improvements (South Africa – Taro, Namibia – Stefan, Sweden – Anders, Germany – Wolfram and Angola – Humberto).

The top speed was 58.7 knots and the best average just shy of the world record.

Sophie Routaboul also recorded the fastest Ladies GPS speed for 2011 (52 knot peak, 47.61 500m ave) :

Sophie Routaboul

The advantage of the new location is that the course won’t get damaged during Spring tides; which means that it can be refined over time until the best possible water state is achieved, thereby allowing for faster speeds and bringing the 60 knot target ever closer.

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